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The Fed | Analysis: U.S. Fed navigates policy minefield with impending digital dollar report.

 Source: 6-7 minutes Sept 30 (Reuters) - The U.S. Federal Reserve board will soon issue a hotly-awaited report exploring the potential adoption of a digital dollar, but with its governors and other policymakers divided on the issue - and with so much at stake for the financial industry - the central bank will likely tread carefully. Worried that an explosion in cryptocurrencies could weaken their grasp on the economy, central banks from China to Europe are exploring issuing their own digital currencies (CBDCs), and the Fed is under growing pressure to catch up. Unlike cryptocurrencies which are typically run by private actors, or the electronic money used in billions of transactions daily that is mostly created by commercial banks, some CBDCs would be equivalent to cash, issued and backed by central banks . CBDCs could be issued for wholesale use, speeding up and reducing the cost of cross-border payments between corporations, a

Dollar Exchange Rate Analysis: Dollar Retreats as Investors Wait for More U.S. Data Dollar retreats as traders brace for more U.S. data Reuters 4-5 minutes The dollar retreated after its recent bounce on Monday as investors made a cautious start to a week crammed with central bank meetings and big-ticket U.S. economic data, waiting for clues on the global inflation outlook and policymakers' responses. Trade was thinned by holidays in Japan, China and Britain, which kept a lid on volatility, leaving the greenback to trade where it settled after a Friday leap. It slid back to $1.2054 per euro and crept to a three-week high of 109.66 yen . Comments by Luis de Guindos, the European Central Bank's vice president, helped the euro gain against the dollar at the start of the London session. The ECB can start to phase out emergency stimulus measures when the pace of coronavirus vaccinations reaches a critical level and the economy picks up speed, he told an Italian newspap

Emerging Markets May Have Topped Out After Oversold Rally

By Alan Farley Updated Feb 13, 2019 4-5 minutes Emerging markets may have topped out following oversold bounces off deep December 2018 lows. However, new lows aren't likely in the coming months because broad-based sector instruments have drawn double bottom reversals that are likely to presage many months of sideways action. As a result, investors looking for long-side exposure should limit efforts to sector leadership that, according to a recent Forbes survey, includes Poland and Hungary as top plays. Emerging markets can be traded as a group through a variety of exchange-traded funds (ETFs). The three most popular instruments by total assets are Vanguard FTSE Emerging Markets ETF ( VWO ) at $61.1 million, the iShares Core MSCI Emerging Markets ETF ( IEMG ) at $57.4 million and the iShares MSCI Emerging Markets ETF ( EEM ) at $33.7 million. The price charts are nearly identical, while EEM has the longest price history, coming public

The Trailer: What we learned about Warren 2020 this weekend

By David Weigel David Weigel National reporter covering politics   16-20 minutes In this edition: What Elizabeth Warren says on the trail, what everyone gets wrong about Rashida Tlaib, and what Democrats are starting to think about tax hikes. I've already got my first flight delay of the 2020 cycle out of the way, and this is The Trailer. Sen. Elizabeth Warren greets attendees at an event in Des Moines on Saturday. (Daniel Acker/Bloomberg) DES MOINES — By the end of her first full day of campaigning in Iowa, Sen. Elizabeth Warren had spoken to around 2,700 people. She'd taken 30 questions from voters, chosen by a random, ticket-based lottery. She'd stopped for three short media scrums, evaded one heckler and battled one cold ("too much time with little people!"), the waking nightmare of any presidential candidate. The first visit to a primary state by a top-tier Democratic presidential candidate found a candidate