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Analysis | The Daily 202: Three new polls help explain why Trump supporters chanted “Send her back!” about Ilhan Omar

By James Hohmann 30-38 minutes THE BIG IDEA: Three new polls help explain why the crowd at President Trump’s rally in North Carolina last night chanted “Send her back!” when he attacked Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.), a Somali-born Muslim,   as well as the reluctance of most congressional Republicans to challenge his racist tweets. 1) A Pew Research Center poll finds that 62 percent of Americans say the country’s openness to people from around the world is “essential to who we are as a nation.” That’s down six points from September, driven entirely by Republicans changing their views. Since last fall, the share of Republicans who say America risks losing its identity if it is too open has increased 13 percentage points to 57 percent, while the share who view the nation’s openness to others as essential has declined 10 points to 37 percent, according to the Pew survey, which was conducted Wednesday through Monday. For better or worse

Analysis | The Daily 202: Two in three Republicans would rather see a shutdown than Trump compromise on the border wall

By James Hohmann Honduran migrant Jonatan Matamoros Flores, 33, who arrived in October with a caravan of migrants, climbs the U.S. border wall to stand atop it before returning to the Mexican side in Tijuana on Saturday. U.S. inspectors at the main border crossing in San Diego are processing up to about 100 asylum claims day, leaving thousands of migrants waiting in Tijuana, while some are avoiding the wait by crossing illegally to turn themselves in. (Rebecca Blackwell/AP) THE BIG IDEA: Funding for the Department of Homeland Security will run out on Dec. 21, which as the winter solstice happens to be the darkest day of the year, but President Trump and Democrats are moving further apart as the deadline approaches to avoid a partial government shutdown. A new poll published this morning helps explain why both sides are digging in their heels. The survey by Marist for NPR and PBS shows that 57 percent of Americans think Trump should co