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ADVFN III Weekly Forex Currency Review March 22, 2013.

ADVFN I I I Weekly   FOREX Currency   REVIEW   Global Forex News from ADVFN Supplied by Weekly Market analysis The Euro-zone situation will remain a very important short-term focus. There will be Euro relief if some form of Cyprus agreement can be reached and a bailout secured, but there would also still be major concerns surrounding the economic outlook given fresh deterioration in the PMI indices. There will be continuing expectations that the US economy will be able to out-perform the key European economies over the next few months which will provide underlying dollar support. Key events for the forthcoming week Date Time (GMT) Data release/event Tuesday March 26th 12.30 US durable goods orders Thursday March 28th 12.30 US jobless claims Dollar: The US economic data has remained broadly favourable, especially in the labour market which will maintain expectations of solid near-term growt