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ADVFN III Forex Currency Review Friday, 03 August 2012

ADVFN I I I Weekly   FOREX Currency   REVIEW Global Forex News from ADVFN Friday, 03 August 2012 Weekly Market analysis Global central bank and government action will inevitably be extremely important in the short-term. The ECB will move closer to sanctioning additional and potentially decisive action to support the Euro-zone and through quantitative easing and there will be further speculation of Federal Reserve action as part of a co-ordinated response.  There will still be important political stresses, especially within Spain and Germany as uncertainty remains at very high levels. Key events for the forthcoming week Date Time (GMT) Data release/event Friday August 3rd 12.30 US Non-farm payrolls Tuesday August 7th 04.30 Australia interest rate decision Wednesday August 8th 09.30 Bank of England inflation report Dollar: The evidence overall has continued to suggest that the economy has faltered over the past fe