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A Gold Price Forecast For 2019 | Investing Haven

Taki Tsaklanos 9-12 minutes The gold price started the year quite bullish only to turn bearish around summer time. What does this mean for 2019? We look at our leading indicators in this article for our gold price forecast for 2019. We also quickly touch up top gold stocks for 2019 as part of gold investments to consider in 2019. Note that although not included in this article the historic gold price chart on 40 years confirms the findings of our gold price forecast for 2019. The 40 year gold price chart exhibits the longest and most dominant gold market trend. We strongly recommend that you check out this historic chart in the link above as it shows an exceptional pattern which hardly anyone has identified. Gold price forecast 2019: leading indicators Note that any gold price forecast is a challenging task because there are plenty of variables that might play a role. Moreover, gold has traditionally done well under a variety of conditions. For instance, the 2002 to