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Gold Mineweb Daily News, 9 April 2013.

$1,571.98 $27.27         TOP STORIES | Tuesday , 09 Apr 2013                                                      Flexibility and a strong balance sheet the key to good gold stock picks - RBCCM According to RBC Capital Markets, while gold equities are currently out of favour, there are some stocks that could perform well even in a low gold price environment.    Tuesday , 09 Apr 2013 Four rules for finding junior miners to like or avoid - Badiali Editor of the S&A Resource Report, Matt Badiali, takes us through 4 rules that will help you sort through juniors companies, finding reasons to buy or walk away. An interview with The Gold Report.    Tuesday , 09 Apr 2013 Hong Kong’s Feb net gold flow to China more than doubles Data showed on Tuesday that net gold flow from Hong Kong to China stood at 60.958 tonnes, after excluding 36.148 tonnes of imports from China.    Tuesday , 09 Apr