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60 Minutes Recap:

In case you missed last night's show, here's a recap:         60 Minutes Presents: Into the Wild - In a special hour devoted to the natural world, Scott Pelley visits Kenya to witness the great wildebeest migration; then, Bob Simon listens to the secret language of elephants; lastly, Lara Logan visits with Jane Goodall in the forests of Tanzania. Watch it now 60 Minutes Overtime, 1.22.12 - In the midst of war, a group of Marines and our own Lara Logan go to extraordinary lengths to save a puppy named Bill; Also, Lara Logan shows us her favorite moments in the forest with icon Jane Goodall and a crew of rowdy young chimpanzees; And, it's not the dolphins that make this 1973 Morley Safer story so fun to watch -- it's the humans! Watch it now LATEST HEADLINES Qatar: A tiny country asserts powerful influence The Arab Spring is spreading, but not to Qatar, a tiny, oil-rich country wedged between Saudi Arabia a