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The Conscience of a Liberal Debt and David Stockman; by Paul Krugman: NYT I Opinion Today, 4 April, 2013.

April 4, 2013 Opinion Today Opinionator The G.O.P.'s Digital Makeover By THOMAS B. EDSALL Republican strategists wonder whether they can catch up to Obama's Democrats on data mining, microtargeting and other contemporary campaign techniques. Op-Ed Contributor How the I.R.S. Hurts Mothers By LILIAN V. FAULHABER Our tax code discourages many middle-class mothers from working. Opinionator Trojan Horse By LINDA GREENHOUSE Striking down the Defense of Marriage Act on federalism grounds is a truly bad idea. Opinionator | Townies This City That I Love By SANDY SOOHOO In the last article of the series, a reflection on childhood visits to New York. ADVERTISEMENT Op-Ed Contributor My Dinner With Dr. King By WILLIAM HOOD A conversation that cannot have lasted more than 10 minutes changed the way I thought about my life. Room for Debate Are Ri

ADVFN III Evening Euro Markets Bulletin, 4 April, 2013.

ADVFN I I I Evening Euro Markets Bulletin Daily world financial news Thursday, 04 April 2013 London Market Report FTSE 100 Euronext Dax perf CAC 40 Please click on the images to view our interactive charts Market Movers techMARK 2,382.50 -1.42% FTSE 100 6,344.12 -1.19% FTSE 250 13,755.55 -1.47% British equities underperformed their Continental peers, which also ended in the red on Thursday, as traders caught up with the overnight fall in US markets. That came as the Bank of England was left behind a little bit by the policy announcements out of the European Central Bank and the Bank of Japan. The high priests of monetary policy on this side of the channel today decided to keep the current monetary policy settings in place. True, while one might be inclined to think otherwise given how the media covers it, the British economy is not in such dire straits as the Eurozone or Japan. Even so, central bank liquidit