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Mineweb Top Stories April 5, 2013.: 2012 U.S. copper production at highest level in 3 years—U.S.G.S.

TOP STORIES | Friday , 05 Apr 2013                                                      2012 U.S. copper production at highest level in 3 years—U.S.G.S. U.S. smelter copper output last year declined to its lowest level since before World War II, the U.S. Geological Survey reported.    Friday , 05 Apr 2013 Idaho hobbyist suction-dredge miners must obtain Clean Water permits—EPA The long-simmering feud involving tribal groups, environmentalists and hobbyist miners is now complicating life for small suction-dredge miners in the historic mining state of Idaho.    Friday , 05 Apr 2013 Dominion Diamond would consider Diavik mine deal at right price According to Dominion CEO, Robert Gannicott, Dominion Diamond Corp has the means to buy Rio Tinto's majority stake in the northern Canadian diamond mine.    Friday , 05 Apr 2013 The seasons of investment and gold's role in Winter Julian Phillips argues that, while no one knows what th

And then a third of lithium supply went private: Mineweb Top Stories; March 27, 2013.:

TOP STORIES | Wednesday , 27 Mar 2013                                                      And then a third of lithium supply went private A private Chinese firm gets control of Talison Lithium in part owing to loans from a state-owned enterprise.    Wednesday , 27 Mar 2013 Coeur Mines to reportedly announce name change, relocation to Chicago Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn will announce today that Coeur d’Alene Mines will move its corporate headquarters to Chicago.    Wednesday , 27 Mar 2013 Nevada Senate Panel unanimously votes to remove mining taxation limits Nevada mining companies now find themselves directly in the sights of cash-starved local governments, human resources programs, and school districts desperately seeking more revenue.    Wednesday , 27 Mar 2013 Ottawa MP launch

European Markets at Close report March 22, 2013.: Europe stocks off 1.1% on week amid Cyprus woes; by Sara Sjolin, MarketWatch

By Sara Sjolin , MarketWatch    LONDON (MarketWatch) — After a volatile week with Cyprus bailout talks in the spotlight, most European stock markets closed in the red on Friday, as the Cypriot government highlighted the urgency of finding a solution before Monday’s European Central Bank deadline.  The Stoxx Europe 600 index XX:SXXP -0.15% closed 0.2% lower at 294.04, closing out the week with a 1.1% loss. The index had spent most of the week in mildly red territory over concerns that Cyprus would default or leave the euro zone if failing to close a bailout deal by Monday’s deadline set by the ECB. The moves were, however, fairly muted, as market participants expressed doubt the Cypriot drama would spread to other countries or pose a risk to recent favorable market conditions. Read: Three

Monetary Policy Statement From the Federal Reserve.: NYT: ALERT FGC BOLSA - FGC FINANCIAL MARKETS March 21, 2013.:

Alert Name: FGC BOLSA- FGC FIN March 21, 2013 Compiled: 12:34 AM Monetary Policy Statement From the Federal Reserve (NYT) The Fed’s statement announcing it was holding its base federal funds target rate at a record low between zero and 0.25 percent: Surprise U.S. Housing Demand Catches Industry Off-Guard By CATHERINE RAMPELL (NYT) As welcome as a long-awaited improvement in the American housing market may be, the unusually low level of homes for sale is creating problems for buyers and sellers. Fed to Maintain Stimulus Efforts Despite Jobs Growth By BINYAMIN APPELBAUM (NYT) “We need to see sustained improvement,” the Fed’s chairman, Ben Bernanke, said on Wednesday. “One or two months doesn’t cut it.” As Men Lose Economic Ground, Clues in the Family By BINYAMIN APPELBAUM (NYT) Boys raised in single-parent households, particularly those headed by women, appeared to fare poorly. Shares

Newcrest – a gold major with strong production pipeline: Gold Mineweb Daily News March 20, 2013.:

$1,608.33 $28.91         TOP STORIES | Wednesday , 20 Mar 2013                                                      Newcrest – a gold major with strong production pipeline Newcrest CEO Greg Robinson sets out his views on the future of gold and the forward production potential of one of the world’s largest gold miners.    Wednesday , 20 Mar 2013 Silver follows gold down in India While events in Cyprus have helped bolster gold this week, silver remains under selling pressure in India.    Wednesday , 20 Mar 2013 Sprott on banks, gold and silver – mania, manipulation and meltdown Eric Sprott may have surprised a new audience with so

Video: Catholics Speak: Filling the Pews: NYT | Today's Headlines March 14, 2013.

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