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Drowning in a Liquidity Trap?; by Frank Shostak on May 24, 2013: CMI Gold and Silver - Articles of interest, May 26, 2013-

Drowning in a Liquidity Trap? Frank Shostak May 24, 2013 __ Bruce Bartlett recently lamented in The New York Times that given the current state of economic affairs we need more Keynesian medicine to fix the US economy. According to Bartlett, the core insight of Keynesian economics is that there are very special economic circumstances in which the general rules of economics don’t apply and are in fact counterproductive. This happens when interest rates and inflation rates are so low that monetary policy becomes impotent; an increase in the money supply has no boosting effect because it does not lead to additional spending by consumers or businesses. Keynes called this situation a “liquidity trap.” Keynes wrote, There is the possibility ... that, after the rate of interest has fallen to a certain level, liquidity-preference may become virtually absolute in the sense that almost everyone prefers cash to holding a debt which yields so low a

DealBook Today's Top headlines -April 24, 2013-: S.E.C.'s Whistle-Blower Effort Faces Challenges | Apple's Plan to Reward Shareholders | Lasry to Stay at Avenue Capital | Support for Forcing Disclosures of Donations

Wednesday, April 24, 2013 TODAY'S TOP HEADLINES     ADVERTISEMENT BY WILLIAM ALDEN S.E.C.'S WHISTLE-BLOWER EFFORT FACES CHALLENGES The use of whistle-blowers at the Securities and Exchange Commission has already proven effective. A tipster bolstered an investigation into a trading blowup that almost took down Knight Capital; another aided the discovery that Oppenheimer & Company had overstated the performance of a private equity fund; and a whistle-blower helped the government pursue a Ponzi scheme in Texas, Ben Protess and Nathaniel Popper report in DealBook . But the S.E.C.'s 20-month-old whistle-blower program faces challenges on several fronts . "Some Wall Street firms are urging employees to report wrongdoing internally before running to the government, and one hedge fund, Paradigm Capital Management, was accused in a lawsuit of punishing an employee who had cooperated with the S.E.C., according to court and

NYT: ALERT FGC BOLSA -FGC FINANCIAL MARKETS -April 24, 2013-: Budget Cuts, Minus the Inconvenience

Alert Name: FGC BOLSA- FGC FIN April 24, 2013 Compiled: 12:31 AM Budget Cuts, Minus the Inconvenience By THE EDITORIAL BOARD (NYT) Republicans encourage a sequester affecting the poor, but they are furious about travel delays. Just read the Twitter feeds of their leaders. Sales of New Homes Rose 1.5% in March By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS (NYT) The housing recovery appeared to continue last month. More Articles On This Topic »

BIV Today's Business News -April 23, 2013 I Politics and Policy: $25,000 on parking meters: City report reveals big and little buys

Politics and Policy $25,000 on parking meters: City report reveals big and little buys It cost Vancouver taxpayers the equivalent of nearly 25,000 shiny new loonies to retrofit parking meters to accept the Royal Canadian Mint’s 2012 ... READ MORE Environment and Sustainability   NDP would scrap Pacific Carbon Trust, oppose pipelines If a Liberal government won't accept B.C.'s Auditor General John Doyle's criticisms of the Pacific Carbon Trust, an NDP government will, says NDP leader ...  READ MORE Mining and Energy   B.C.-only environmental review for two coals mines approved Federal Environment Minister Peter Kent has given the go-ahead for environmental reviews to be conducted by B.C. alone for two new coal mines, and is ...  READ MORE Economy and Finance   Taxes have increased more quickly than incomes: Fraser Institute The average Canadian’s tax bill has outpaced the growth of the consumer

BIV today's Business News -April 22, 2013-: NDP promises $8m to help B.C.’s farmers.

Agriculture NDP promises $8m to help B.C.’s farmers BC NDP leader Adrian Dix targeted the province’s agricultural sector Sunday in his latest platform announcement, promising ...  READ MORE Forestry   Embattled Catalyst Paper loses CEO Kevin Clarke The CEO who steered Richmond-based Catalyst Paper through the toughest three years in its history is stepping down. Kevin Clarke will leave the ...  READ MORE Retail and Manufacturing   Army & Navy to hold “Canada's biggest shoe sale” April 24 Vancouver-based Army & Navy is holding its 64th annual shoe sale on April 24 – an event dubbed the biggest shoe sale in Canada because the chain's six stores regularly sell more than 100,000 pairs of shoes and ...  READ MORE Education and Research   Merck gives cash injection to B.C. drug research Pharmaceutical giant Merck will provide $4 million to fund life sciences research centres in B.C., Ontario