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Barclays Taps an Insider to Repair Its Reputation: DeakBook | DealB%K Today's Top Headlines - August 31, 2012 -:

Friday, August 31, 2012 TODAY'S TOP HEADLINES   TOP STORIES Barclays Taps an Insider to Repair Its Reputation Barclays, which has been tarnished by scandal, appointed a new chief executive on Thursday, as the British bank looks to restore its reputation and overhaul its culture. By selecting Antony Jenkins, Barclays seemed to steal a line from the comedy series "Monty Python": "And now for something completely different." Mr. Jenkins, 51, an Oxford-educated Briton with a soft-spoken demeanor, started his career 30 years ago as a cashier at a local Barclays branch. Over the last three years, he has overseen the sleepy consumer retail and banking business at Barclays. In short, he has little in common with his predecessor, Robert E. Diamond. Mr. Diamond, an American-born investment banker, brought a hard-charging ethos to the bank, transforming it into a top player on Wall Street. But the culture of risk-taking also proved pro