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NYT Global Update - Augustt 18, 2012 - | Global Edition Home Page: Does a Bullish Stock Market Predict a Faster Recovery?

August 18, 2012 Global Update       TOP NEWS Lawyers in Big Tobacco Suits Taking On Food Industry By STEPHANIE STROM More than a dozen lawyers who took on Big Tobacco have filed 25 cases asserting that food makers like ConAgra Foods and PepsiCo are misleading consumers and violating federal law. In Defending Medicare Plan, Ryan Speaks of His Time as Caregiver By TRIP GABRIEL and HELENE COOPER In Florida, a battleground state, Paul Ryan sought to counter President Obama's charge that Republicans would "end Medicare as we know it" by moving to a voucher program that would cost retirees more. In Embassy Drama, Eyes of Police (and Public) Focus on Assange By JOHN F. BURNS and RAVI SOMAIYA Officers in London who have been ordered to prevent Julian Assange, the fugitive WikiLeaks founder, from leaving the country have had him under constant surveillance. IHT Rendezvous: Latin America Sees Hand of Colonialism Gl