WSJ Major Currencies Indexes | Monday, May 23. 2022:


5:32 PM EDT 5/23/22

Euro (EUR/USD)1.06920.00010.01
Japanese Yen (USD/JPY)127.900.000.00
U.K. Pound (GBP/USD)1.2585-0.0003-0.02
Swiss Franc (USD/CHF)0.96570.00030.03
Chinese Yuan (USD/CNY)6.65070.00000.00
Canadian $ (USD/CAD)1.2768-0.0002-0.02
Mexican Peso (USD/MXN)19.87430.00560.03
Bitcoin (BTC/USD)29387980.33
WSJ Dollar Index94.740.010.01
U.S. Dollar Index102.07-1.08-1.04


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