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The Washington Post | Peru's Presidential Election: About voters being Trapped Between Extremes. Peru’s democracy has gone off the rails, leaving voters trapped between extremes James Bosworth, Francisco Toro 6-7 minutes Francisco Toro is chief content officer of the Group of Fifty and a contributing columnist for Global Opinions. James Bosworth is the author of the Latin America Risk Report newsletter. At the moment, Peru's politics look like the result of putting a mad political scientist in a lab to think up nightmare scenarios for how a democracy might go off the rails. Nearly everything that could go wrong has gone wrong there, leaving the country to face a presidential runoff election between two extreme ideologues while the public, disgusted by corruption and ineffective governance, appears to have rejected the entire political class. How did Peru get here? The roots of dysfunction go back to the 1980s, when extreme populist overspending led to a devastating bout

News | Pot Stocks Overview: The Legalization of Marijuana Will be a Great Deal For Pot Stocks According To MarketWatch Analyst.

Image Legalized Marijuana Will Be a Big Win for U.S. Pot Stocks. How to Bet on the Sector. Max A. Cherney, Connor Smith 18-23 minutes Russia, in the capital-starved, legal murk of the early 1990s, prepared Boris Jordan well for America’s cannabis industry. Today, as the 54-year-old Jordan runs the biggest licensed marijuana company in the world, Curaleaf Holdings , the challenges of the U.S. cannabis industry remind him of his days as a banker and investor on Russia’s capitalist frontier. “It was a very tough environment to operate in,” Jordan recalls of Russia’s post-Communist chaos. Whole industries needed inventing, and the legal ground under businesses shifted constantly. “But that was the opportunity.” *** ONE-TIME USE *** Photograph by Jamie Chung; Set Styling b

Gold & Silver Prices Analysis by CMI.

Image Gold & Silver Prices Today - Current Spot Price of Gold & Silver | CMI Gold & Silver 3 minutes The prices above are pulled from the Globex, an Internet platform that is one of the world’s major precious metals exchanges.  The Globex trades 24 hours a day, from Sunday evening 6:00 pm EST to Friday evening at 5:15 pm EST, with a 45-minute “reset interval” Mondays thru Thursdays from 5:15 pm EST to 6:00 pm EST. The “time” of the Live Prices is noted just below the gold price. Click the refresh button in the URL to update prices, which can change by the second. Prices for the gold and silver products that CMI buys and sells are calculated using Globex prices.  For CMI prices of gold products see Gold Bullion Prices .  For CMI prices of silver items, see Silver Bullion Prices . A popular feature that CMI Gold & Silver

U.S. Markets at Close Report: Dow Drops 200 Points And Major Averages Slipped on Friday 30, 2021. Stocks fall despite blowout earnings from Amazon, Dow drops 200 points Maggie Fitzgerald 3 minutes Traders on the New York Stock Exchange Source: NYSE The major averages slipped on Friday as investors pored over a flurry of earnings results and a robust profit beat from e-commerce giant Amazon. The S&P 500 fell 0.75%, while the Dow Jones Industrial Average shed about 200 points. The Nasdaq Composite dropped about 0.85%. Amazon , the last of Wall Street's mega-cap tech companies to publish results, reported a record first-quarter profit. The Seattle-based firm said profits more than tripled to $8.1 billion and January-to-March sales soared 44% to $108 billion. The results blew past Wall Street's expectations with the company earning   $15.79 per share vs. the consensus estimate of $9.54. Amazon's results showed demand remained strong for its massive online retail business eve

The Daily News | Washington Post: U.S. G.O.P. Gubernational Hopepefuls Sees Vaccine with Skepticism. The Daily 202: Some GOP gubernatorial hopefuls run on vaccine skepticism Olivier Knox 19-24 minutes Then Chase — whom most news accounts note is a self-described “Trump in heels” — waded into pandemic politics, describing her profound distaste for the coronavirus vaccines and rejection of public health entreaties to wear masks. “The Book of Revelation tells us that, in the end times, that which they call evil is good and that which is good is evil. We’re here. I just keep waiting for the mark of the Beast. It’s going to be the vaccine. It’s going to be the masks ,”  she said , mocking people who wear “face diapers.” While her comments might be the most … colorful, Chase is hardly the only local Republican candidate currently running for state office in part on skepticism about — and even scorn for — the coronavirus vaccines. And her “mark of the beast” comments exist on the far end a

Europe Markets at Close Report: European Markets Close Lower as Euro Zone Falls Economic Growth Contracted in the First Quarter.. European stocks close lower as euro zone falls into double-dip recession Vicky McKeever 2-3 minutes LONDON — European stocks closed lower on Friday after data showed a contraction in euro zone economic growth in the first quarter. The pan-European Stoxx 600 provisionally ended 0.3% lower, with most sectors in negative territory and major bourses pointing in opposite directions. Mining stocks led the losses, down around 1.7%. The euro zone's gross domestic product fell 0.6% in the first quarter , according to preliminary data released by Europe's statistics office Eurostat on Friday morning. It means that the bloc suffered a second technical recession in just over a year, although economists are hopeful of an economic recovery in the coming months. Shares in U.K. bank Barclays dropped almost 7%, despite its first-quarter results which topped expectations. Barclays reported a net pro

The Googleplex of the Future Has Privacy Robots, Meeting Tents and Your Very Own Balloon Wall by The NYT.

Image Daisuke Wakabayashi, Cayce Clifford 11-13 minutes Credit...By Cayce Clifford The company that helped popularize open office plans and lavish employee perks is trying to reinvent office spaces to cope with workplace sensibilities changed by the pandemic. Credit...By Cayce Clifford MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. — Google’s first office was a cluttered Silicon Valley garage crammed with desks resting on sawhorses. In 2003, five years after its founding, the company moved into a sprawling campus called the Googleplex. The airy, open offices and whimsical common spaces set a standard for what an innovative workplace was supposed to look like. Over the years, the amenities piled up. The food was free, and so were buses to and from work: Getting to the office, and staying there all day, was easy. Now, the company that once redefined how an employer treats its workers is trying to redefine the office itself.