Mar 16, 2020

Politics | Election Live Updates: Ohio judge rejects governor’s efforts to postpone Tuesday’s vote; Biden wins Washington primary

John Wagner

Election officials in the three other states voting Tuesday — Arizona, Florida and Illinois — have said they will proceed with their primaries, though Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) questioned the wisdom of that during a post-debate interview Sunday.
Meanwhile, Edison Media Research projected that former vice president Joe Biden had won the Democratic primary in Washington, which voted last Tuesday.
Following their first one-on-one debate, Sanders and Biden are both staging virtual events Monday on the eve of four more key primaries in a Democratic presidential nominating contest transformed by the escalating coronavirus pandemic.
During the debate, Biden said he would pick a woman as vice president, as he sought to highlight his bona fides from his time in the White House with President Barack Obama. Sanders largely stuck to his familiar script, emphasizing his long history focusing on issues such as health care.

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