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Jan 29, 2019

Brexit vote latest news: Theresa May vows to reopen Withdrawal agreement to change backstop

Anna Mikhailova, Political Correspondent 29 January 2019 • 4:41pm

The European Union has rejected claims that the Malthouse Compromise could be used to break the Brexit deadlock, James Crisp writes.
Guy Verhofstadt, the European Parliament’s Brexit coordinator, repeated an earlier threat that MEPs would vote down any deal that did not have the backstop as currently negotiated.
“The European Parliament will not give its consent to a watered down Withdrawal Agreement,” he said. “The deal we have is fair and cannot be re-negotiated.
“The backstop is needed because of UK red – lines and was crafted by the UK and the EU to secure the Good Friday Agreement.
The Malthouse Compromise requires the backstop to be redrafted and asks for a longer transition period.
Margaritis Schinas, the European Commission’s chief spokesman, said that the transition period was inextricably linked to the withdrawal agreement and one could not be had without the other.
“I have the feeling we are repeating ourselves and saying things which have already been said,” he said wearily.
"There is nothing we can meaningfully say, he added,”This is not a Brussels day, this is a London day, we have a vote tonight and we take it from there. "
One European Parliament source told the Telegraph, that the compromise, “looked more like a brew that will scotch talks rather than a fine malt.”

Source: The Telegraph

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