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Jan 28, 2019

Bond Yields Closing Report: Treasury yields lower as Trump signals skepticism on border wall deal

Silvia Amaro, Thomas Franck

U.S. Markets Overview: Treasurys chart

US 3-MOU.S. 3 Month Treasury2.3910.0080.00
US 1-YRU.S. 1 Year Treasury2.5990.0030.00
US 2-YRU.S. 2 Year Treasury2.592-0.0080.00
US 5-YRU.S. 5 Year Treasury2.582-0.0070.00
US 10-YRU.S. 10 Year Treasury2.746-0.0050.00
US 30-YRU.S. 30 Year Treasury3.0670.0060.00
President Donald Trump told the Wall Street Journal on Sunday that another government shutdown is “certainly an option,” expressing skepticism that Congress would reach a deal to fund the border wall he has requested. His comments followed a bill on Friday to end the 35-day shutdown — the longest in history.
Congress and the Trump administration agreed to reopen the government for three weeks. The government had been shutdown for 35 days — the longest stoppage in U.S. history — as both sides could not agree on funding for a border wall.
The White House will hold a press briefing by Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders at 3 p.m. ET Monday.

Source: CNBC

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