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Dec 27, 2018

Is The State of Peru Blind against Consumer's rights - Just One example That needs to be Clarified -.

by: Fernando Guzman Cavero

It is a very extreme and very rare case to see that one of the Internet Provider, namely Claro, has an unsecured website: :  

This, of course, has to do with the incompetence of the Ministry of Transport and Communications and its regulator OSIPTEL (acronym in Spanish for the regulator's name), indeed, this premeditated incompetence farce may be linked with a high degree of corruption that leads me to think there are fraudulent agreements with private companies and the State. Is the State of Peru Blind? of course it is not, Most of the state Institutions if not all, have an altruistic purpose. some of the norms were instituted correctly, others to steal from consumers contracts. This is clearly a violation the law with the complacency of the authorities, assigned precisely to act in defense of the consumers. One of the emblematic examples in Peru, with a grade of a national scandal, is INDECOPI, an equivalent of The FTC in the US, with the difference that the FTC makes a very good job for US Consumers, in contrast, INDECOPI does one of the worst bureaucratic work that I've ever seen for a decent defense.

Indeed, the high level of corruption in Peru nowadays, in my personal opinion, correspond to the State authorities, wherever you see,  pus can only sprout.

It is a subtle case, but well managed from the high level serving private interests of all sorts, taking advantage of the ignorance of the sovereign, its citizens.

The law and norms must be very simple and direct, trying to avoid a variety of legal interpretations. Sooner or later the responsible for this situation must be ended in jail, otherwise, the path towards the Venezuelan situation is underway.

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