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Trump singles out Europe as a trade foe

When CBS News asked President Trump to name America’s biggest foe, he talked about Russia and China. But only after citing the European Union, because of “what they do to us in trade.”

And China turns to the W.T.O.

Goldman Sachs prepares to anoint a C.E.O.

The announcement would formally establish Mr. Solomon as the successor to Lloyd C. Blankfein as one of the most powerful executives on Wall Street. Mr. Blankfein, who presided over record earnings during his 12 years atop Goldman, will stay on for an interim period. Anointing Mr. Solomon, however, most likely makes it easier for him to put his future lieutenants in place.

China’s economic growth isn’t as strong as it appearsBanks’ profits are booming. But how about their lending?

Private Chinese businesses complain that government efforts to tame debt have made it hard for them to get money. A tiny but growing number of Chinese companies have defaulted on their debt. The currency has lost some of its value. Chinese stocks are in bear market territory.

Don’t expect big media deals out of Sun Valley

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