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Jul 17, 2018

DealBook Briefing: Media Merger Mania Takes a Cold Shower I Business I DealBook I NYT

DealBook Briefing: Media Merger Mania Takes a Cold Shower

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The F.C.C. stymies a big media merger

The head of the Federal Communications Commission has unexpectedly raised “serious concerns” about Sinclair Broadcast Group’s $3.9 billion bid for Tribune and moved to potentially block the deal.

Netflix’s numbers break its hot streak

The Navajo Nation wanted to buy Remington — and abandon its AR-15s

It intended to shift the company away from its consumer business, including curtailing the sale of the AR-15-style weapons frequently used in mass shootings, to focus on police and defense contracts. The tribe planned to use profits from those businesses to invest in research and development of advanced “smart guns.”

Uber faces federal scrutiny over sex discrimination

The world’s biggest investor worries about trade

“If we do see these tariff increases come to pass and if they are sustained over time, I think it would be proper to recalibrate forecasts of G.D.P. and earnings growth. And then the markets would probably fall.”

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