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May 28, 2018

What are the most important elements of a technical SEO audit? - May 28, 2018. Search Engine Watch

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A 2017 SEMrush study found that over 80% of websites examined had 4xx broken link errors, and more than 65% of sites had duplicate content. Errors like these, which can easily be fixed, are all too common and can have a significant impact on your site’s SEO. And contrary to popular belief, technical SEO isn’t too challenging once you have the basics right.
Ultimately, you want your website to rank better, get better traffic, and net more conversions. Technical SEO is all about fixing errors to make that happen. Marcela De Vivo shares 12 technical SEO elements to check for maximum site optimization.

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The 12 most important elements of a technical SEO audit

There are a number of technical SEO elements you can check during your next SEO audit. From XML Sitemaps to duplicate content, being proactive about optimization on-page and off is a must, writes Marcela De Vivo
by Marcela De Vivo
The 12 most important elements of a technical SEO audit


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Technical considerations before purchasing a commerce platform

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