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May 22, 2018

“There’s No Cost to White People Who Call 911 About Black People. There Should Be.” published in The Washington Post.- May 22, 2018 - Medium Daily Digest - May 22, 2018.- | Medium Daily Digest

Today’s highlights

How to stop calls to report “suspicious” black people who aren’t doing anything wrong
Washington PostMember only content6 min read

An interview with John Van Reenen of MIT
The Economist6 min read

Before he was a Pulitzer winner, his music taught me things about writing short stories that I hadn’t learned…

Don’t work with anyone who doesn’t really want to work with you.

Applause from people you follow

Applause from Joshua Hehe
Travel is often seen as the key to happiness. Here’s why it’s not.

Applause from Stephen Moore
No, it’s not grammar

Applause from Stephen Moore
It happened while I was loading the dishwasher, a tiny, foot-wide appliance squeezed inside the equally tiny…
Bride In ReverseMember only content5 min read
New from your network

On the fourth of March, in the sleepy British cathedral town of Salisbury, an ex-spy named Sergei Skripal was…

Today I found an ice cream shop that was selling black ice cream cones.

The viral video as we knew it is dead. No more “Chocolate Rain” or “Shoes” or “David After Dentist.” YouTube…
Miles Klee in MEL Magazine5 min read

Israel provided open source information about IDF strikes in Syria, including a destroyed Pantsir-S-1
@DFRLab in DFRLab6 min read

Last week, a barista at my favorite café mentioned that she liked my “plethora of, um,” and loosely indicated…
Miles Klee in MEL Magazine9 min read
New in Culture

Every Frame a Painting is officially dead. Nothing sinister; we just decided to end it.
Tony Zhou16 min read

We hide behind masks and facades. At work. Parties. Social engagements. Sometimes, even at home with our…

On learning to accept love after losing it
Your Fat FriendMember only content8 min read
New in Philosophy

When selecting a surgeon for your next brain procedure, should you pick a surgeon who looks like a butcher or…

After I interviewed Jordan Peterson on EconTalk, I received a number of unusually thoughtful and civil emails…
Russ Roberts8 min read

On the philosopher’s 200th birthday, his influence is felt in the most unexpected places
Mitch HorowitzMember only content7 min read
New in Marketing

Timeless techniques for ranking high on Google

I live my life by a few very basic principles:

Why ad tech won’t be the internet’s savior in its battle for television dollars.
Rick WebbMember only content8 min read
New in Entrepreneurship

It’s been a little over 18 months since Steve quit his day job and ventured out on his own. Even though, his…

I just received a thank-you note from a student who attended a fireside chat I held at the ranch. Something I…

What Giving a TED Talk Taught Me About Becoming a Better Speaker
Jason Shen in Better HumansMember only content13 min read
Most read

Applause from Chad Grills
Or, Can books save us from what digital does to our brains?
Hugh McGuire11 min read

Applause from Chad Grills
And what I’ve learned from teaching others

Applause from Martin Rezny
The title of this essay should disturb you. We have been brought up to believe that tolerating other people…
Editors’ picks

Four science-backed techniques

Atlanta attorney Nicole Fegan is changing the game
anna dornMember only content6 min read

Or, How I learned to Hate White Supremacy and Love the Bomb*
T. Thorn Coyle7 min read
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