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May 3, 2018

The Economist | Editor's picks North Korea, Iran and the real nuclear threat


Editor’s picks

The Economist
As the United States seeks to eliminate nuclear weapons from North Korea, our cover this week looks at how arms control is unravelling. President Donald Trump is poised to pull out of the Iran nuclear deal. The limits on the nuclear arsenals of Russia and America are set to lapse by 2021, leaving them unconstrained for the first time in almost half a century. The chances are increasing that nuclear weapons will spread and that someone, somewhere will miscalculate
Zanny Minton Beddoes, Editor-in-Chief
Essential reads
Make Bank of America great again
In the years after the financial crisis Bank of America lost $200bn on bad loans and litigation. As recently as February 2016, its shares traded at half their book value. Today shares trade at 130% of book value and first-quarter earnings were a record $6.9bn. What went right?

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China’s bitter generation
Over the past 40 years hundreds of millions of Chinese people have left the countryside to work in the cities. For decades they were content. But younger migrants have become dissatisfied with their life at work and at home. They may turn out to be less quiescent than their predecessors
Marx at 200
The ideas of Karl Marx are still relevant two centuries after his birth—both for his insight into the rent-seeking that bedevils capitalism, and for his failure to understand how capitalism can reform

Open Future
  open future image  
  Should the tech giants be more heavily regulated?  
  Giants like Facebook and Google have been accused of bad behaviour, from failing to protect privacy to dodging taxes. Is heavier regulation the answer? We invited Larry Downes of Georgetown University and author Andrew Keen to debate the matter online. Mr Keen believes free web services usher in a world of “surveillance capitalism”. But rules to control new technologies often cost people more than the harm they are meant to address, argues Mr Downes. What do you think? Join the debate here.  

Economist Films
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  What lies beneath the Antarctic?  
  The Antarctic is one of the least-explored places on the planet. For the first time ever a marine biologist has ventured to uncharted parts of the seabed in a submarine. Her discoveries have shocked the scientific community and could pave the way for the biggest no-fishing zone in the world 
Politics this week

  The president of France, Emmanuel Macron, visited Australia, where he said the rise of China was “good news”. But he also called for “balance” in the region, and said it was important to preserve “rule-based development” there  

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Business this week

  In an abrupt move, Argentina’s central bank raised its benchmark interest rate from 27.25% to 30.25% in an effort to shore up the peso, which has taken a battering in currency markets amid worries about stubbornly high inflation  

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