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May 24, 2018

Brand bidding: just say 'no'- May 24, 2018.- | Search Engine Watch.

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Brand bidding is often touted as a hotly debated topic in paid media. That said, a cursory glance will reveal that the typical advice given by PPC experts is to bid on it, without exception. But the question is whether this is good advice or just self-serving.
Mike Turnham argues that brand bidding is actually a bad idea when it comes to PPC and that your PPC manager will only add value by growing prospecting activity – not piggybacking off the success of a brand name.

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When to just say “no” to bidding on brand

Mike Turnham explains why brand bidding in PPC isn’t always the best option; a PPC manager will only add value by growing prospecting activity, not piggybacking off the success of a brand name
by Mike Turnham
When to just say


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