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Apr 19, 2018

The Economist | The Republican Party is organised around one man. That is dangerous, April 19, 2018.

The Economist
Our cover this week looks at Donald Trump’s takeover of the Republican Party. His organising principle is loyalty—not, as with the best presidents, to a principle or a vision, but to a leader: himself. In the past the Oval Office has belonged to vain men, some of whom have lied or bullied or undermined presidential norms. None has been as blatant as Mr Trump, but the cult of loyalty protects him, just as it harms America
Zanny Minton Beddoes, Editor-in-Chief
Essential reads
China’s economy
The government has reined in bad debts and dealt with overcapacity; investment in infrastructure is paying off; demand from America and Europe is healthy. However, a potential trade war and the profligacy of local officials could yet unsettle the next few quarters
Wayward Poland
The ruling Law and Justice government has purged the public administration, peddled conspiracy theories, neutered the constitutional tribunal and sown deep divisions inside the country and between Poland and its allies. It isn’t finished yet
The IKEAbot
Artificial-intelligence experts have got a robot to assemble an IKEA flatpack—for the first time uniting the worlds of Allen keys and Alan Turing. As well as being able to relax in a nice new chair, the scientists have highlighted a profound truth about automation

Open Future
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  Remaking the case for classical liberal values  
  The Economist champions free trade and individual freedom. Yet in a time of populism and growing authoritarianism these values are under attack. So we have launched Open Future, an initiative to remake the case for classical liberal ideas and policies in the 21st century. We want to involve critics of our ideas as well as supporters, and to engage a young audience in particular. Learn more here  

Economist Films
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  What have liberals ever done for us?  
  Populists argue that liberals have become too elite and are out of touch with the concerns of ordinary people. But what exactly are the principles of liberalism and what has it ever done for Western societies?  
Politics this week

  German public-sector workers won a pay rise of more than 3% for each of the next two years. It is the largest increase in government salaries in years, and comes after metalworkers received a pay bump of 4.3% in February  

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Business this week

  Tesla Motors wants to increase production of its mass-market Model 3 to 6,000 cars a week by the end of June, according to reports, in order to have some margin of error to meet the current target of 5,000. The company has struggled to reach its previous goals and is making around 2,000 Model 3s a week at present  

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