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Apr 19, 2018

Search Engine Watch ` How to avoid pitfalls when implementing Hreflang tags, April 18, 2018.


When taking a website international, one of the most important technical SEO elements to get right is the Hreflang tag. When you add into this process the unique challenges of managing an e-commerce website such as seasonal changes of products and stock availability this process can increase in complexity.
Emily Mace reviews why Hreflang tags are so important, and the common pitfalls SEOs may face when implementing them – particularly when coding for e-commerce sites.

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Six Hreflang tag pitfalls to watch out for on e-commerce websites

by Emily Mace
Six Hreflang tag pitfalls to watch out for on e-commerce websites


Shady competitors’ tactics and how to beat them: negative marketing resources

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SEO basics: The top 8 mistakes that rookies (and new businesses) make

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14 essential WordPress plugins to improve SEO

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What to do about competitors bidding on your brand terms in paid search

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ICO marketing in 2018: from SEO to PPC

Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) were the talk of the town in 2017.  There were 435 ICO projects deemed successful in 2017, raising an average of $12.7 million. In total, over $5.6 billion was raised in 2017, a 40-fold increase from the $96.3 million raised in…
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