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Mar 30, 2018

The Guardian | Australian Politics on March 30, 2018:

Australian politics
Friday 30 Mar 2018
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Most of our symbols sit outside the constitution, and land is the biggest one. Caring for country should be part of this nation’s birth certificate
Empathy is fine from politicians, but truth is better because these communities aren’t stupid
US president’s gift at a meeting with the Australian prime minister in February followed a rocky start to their relationship
Crossbencher Steve Martin tells Tasmanian media the deal he secured for supporting corporate tax cuts stands
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Philip Ruddock review releases first submissions, including Court’s warning that Australia is ‘forsaking foundational truths’
Debts accrued by Joyce and five other parliamentarians included salaries and staff expenses
Patrick Dodson urges PM to show leadership after government’s two-line statement
If we hear voices challenging the powerful, we’re likely to hear the cries for punishment soon after. On which side will we stand?
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In the face of huge economic challenges all the government and big business could come up with was a policy solely focused on them
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Tony Abbott speaks at the launch of Pauline Hanson's new book, Pauline - In Her Own Words, praising the 'politically incorrect' One Nation leader despite their frequent previous disagreements

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