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Mar 26, 2018

Oil & ENERGY INVESTOR | Trump's Wall is no match for This Checkmate Move...

Oil and Energy Investor with Dr. Kent Moors

Trump's Wall Is No Match for This Chinese Checkmate Move...
Dear Reader,

If you're an American patriot, please pay close attention...

Recently released satellite images have confirmed one of the Pentagon's worst fears.

Hostilities are brewing in the South China Sea... and right under your nose, the Chinese have developed a horrific new superweapon capable of a sneak attack deadlier than Pearl Harbor and 9/11 - combined.

And while the mainstream media have largely ignored this growing threat, the Chinese are preparing to unleash their death blow.

Now, certain events lead me to believe the launch of these weapons could be imminent.

But we've got a few tricks of our own up our sleeves...

Right now, we're on the cusp of the biggest defense boom in U.S. history.

And one tiny U.S. defense contractor has developed a revolutionary technology that could stop this threat dead in its tracks.

This is the very definition of a battlefield game-changer.

You can see all the details here - but I must warn you...

This video is not for the faint of heart.

You need to see this to believe it... while there's still time.


Mike Ward
Publisher, Oil & Energy Investor

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