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Mar 17, 2018

EL PAÍS - English Edition | This week’s top stories from EL PAÍS English Edition. March 17, 2018.

EL PAÍS English Edition EL PAÍS
Dear readers,
The headlines in Spain were dominated this week by the tragic killing of eight-year-old Spanish boy Gabriel Cruz, who was strangled at the hands of his father's girlfriend, Ana Julia Quezada. The facts of the extraordinary case emerged as the week progressed, with the victim’s mother capturing the attention of the country thanks to her dignity and humanity in the face of such tragedy.
In other news, there was a blow to Spain after a Strasbourg ruling found that burning pictures of the Spanish king should not be punishable by the courts, while the royal family was also a subject of interest, with King Felipe's brother-in-law coming ever closer to being sent to prison.
And finally meet Lucas and Mateo, transsexual twins from Málaga who have taken their story public via a series of YouTube videos, in a bid to raise awareness of transgender issues.
We hope you enjoy this selection of articles from the EL PAÍS English Edition, thanks for reading.
Simon Hunter
Coordinator El País English Edition
Eight-year-old Gabriel Cruz strangled on day he went missing: Autopsy
Ana Julia Quezada is taken back to the scene of the crime. / M. Zarza
The main suspect in the case is his father’s girlfriend, who has been taken by police to the family property where she concealed the body for a reconstruction of events
“Ana Julia Quezada is an incredibly cold, possessive and egocentric person”
Ana Julia Quezada in Rodalquilar. / Ricardo García
Spanish Civil Guard explains details of the murder of eight-year-old Gabriel Cruz at the hands of his father’s girlfriend
Patricia Ramírez was a driving force in the search for the eight-year-old, whose body was found on Sunday in his father’s girlfriend’s car
In a moral example to us all, the victim’s mother has called for an end to the wave of hate against the murder suspect
After a year living in Switzerland, the ‘infanta’ Cristina’s husband, Iñaki Urdangarin, is facing a three years for his role in the Noós corruption scandal
European Court of Human Rights rules against Spain for sentencing two protesters to prison for setting fire to a picture of then-monarch Juan Carlos in 2007
With the end of Michelle Bachelet’s term in Chile, women leaders are now absent from a region that once had four simultaneously
Spain’s biggest renewable energy center languishes under fund freeze
The Solar Platform in Almería. / P. B.
Despite having ample EU funds, legal restrictions have triggered firings and shutdowns at the state-of-the-art Almería Solar Platform
From the bombs in Aleppo to a leaky tunnel in Madrid
A homeless person in the Azca tunnels. / Víctor Sainz
An increasing number of homeless people are spending their nights in an underground maze in AZCA, the city’s financial district
The legal weapon of Spain’s drug trade
Impounded drug boats in Cádiz. / JUAN CARLOS TORO
Drug traffickers are willing to pay up to €180,000 for state-of-the-art speedboats to sneak in tons of hashish from Morocco
From Lucía and Natalia to Lucas and Mateo: The Spanish transgender twins beating back stereotypes
Lucas and Mateo Ocón Zayas. / GARCÍA-SANTOS
The brothers from Málaga have taken their story public via a series of YouTube videos, in which they hope to raise awareness about issues of transsexualism
Long spouts of celibacy can increase the risk of prostate cancer in men and have a negative effect on mood
Thanks readers!