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Mar 14, 2018

CNBC | Your Wealth: March 14, 2018.

Straight talk from the money editor

Target date funds, offered in many 401(k) plans, are designed to simplify the process of choosing and managing your retirement investments. To be sure, they are a solid choice to get professional money management at a low cost. However, some advisors I spoke with cautioned that target date funds may cause a false sense of security for investors. People may pay less attention to their portfolio because they think everything is being taken care of for them.
This "set it and forget it" mentality is never a good tactic. Instead, money experts urge investors to keep a regular eye on their target date funds. It may seem obvious, but that means reviewing your portfolio and accounts from time to time to make sure things are performing properly and that the allocation stays on your preferred target.
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Jim Pavia
Money Editor

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