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Mar 28, 2018

BI INTELLIGENCE | JPMorgan Chase rolls out a new Alexa skillon March 28,2018

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JPMorgan Chase rolls out a new Alexa skill

JPMorgan Chase and Amazon have struck a partnership to develop a new Alexa skill that will allow the investment bank's institutional clients to access its research through the voice assistant.

Clients will now be able to access analyst reports and stock information via Alexa from their office, home, or any other place of their choosing.

For now, clients will only be able to receive information via the channel, but JPMorgan says the next step will be to allow users to act on the information, for example, to execute trades.

As voice assistants move into the institutional client space, banks need to be aware of potential risks. JPMorgan itself admits that, before it can allow Alexa to execute trades on clients' behalf, the bank will have to reinforce the security and authentication of the skill to prevent the assistant from acting on an unrelated direction it overhears, or on a fallacious request submitted by someone besides the owner.

Business Insider Intelligence analyst Maria Terekhova has the full story.
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