Jun 10, 2017

From The Desk Of Fernando Guzmán Cavero: Why I Stopped Temporarily Publishing?

Dear Friends
 Why I Stopped Temporarily Publishing?

June 10, 2017

Please accept my apologies for haven't posting, my selected news in accordance with my own decision due to the that lately I encountered some sort of problems with publishing my blog.

It was a a passenger problem, I told myself at the beginning, but when I started  losing certain features (Widgets or Gadgets) continuously. I said to myself, you better and check it out, and since then I've been trying to find out the origins of the problem 

It came to a point, in which Google Adsense took me as a new blogger asking me to sign up  with Adsense instead of signing in.

Under these circumstances, I stopped publishing at regular hours to find out who were these delinquents? 

 I have partially identified them, indeed I need more time  to take things over again

Finally,  I  took the decision not be on the air in Internet and particularly in this blog, until I get this problem fixed.

        Please stay tuned.
          Fernando Guzmán Cavero

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