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Mar 6, 2017

To Whom it May Concern at Adsense and eBlogger From Google: From The Desk of Fernando Guzmàn Cavero

As you can see below  there is an unquestionable prove that ads from Adsense are shown in my blog:

However, when I log in to my account I get the notification below, stating  that my Adsense account "does not exist for this login" as your application is currently in review.... Screenshot below.

 Now, what worry me the most is the ad below, that has no sign from belong to adsense, plus the fact that the first time users of Internet are advised of these kind of ads that are malwares, viruses etc. if you open it.
Please, be very careful to make a click on this,that is something beyond my control.

I have a clean history, since started this blog and will not permit that some Internet delinquents try to ruin my reputation.

Finally, I will continue with my news, but I need to protect my descend readers and myself before continuing.

I have also found websites that have uploaded or have made a mirror image of my blog and others websites as well. Depending on the words I use to make the search, I've seen their website in first place and mine in second.

I will contact with Google and/or Adsense  by telephone to know more about this topic.

In the meantime, any suggestion will be appreciated very much.

Please stay tuned