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Mar 22, 2017

The Guardian | U.K. | Scotland : Westminster Attack: 4 Confirmes Dead Including Police Officer and Attacker- Live.
Heather Stewart
More details are emerging about the French students injured on Westminster Bridge during the attack.
Ouest France reported that three students from the Saint-Joseph de Concarneau lycée (secondary school) were injured in the car attack on Westminster bridge. The paper said two of them are in a “critical” condition. The condition of the third is not known.

The pupils were in 2nd grade - aged 15 or 16. There were four classes from the school on a week-long visit to London, meaning more than 100 teenagers. Around a dozen were believed to have been on Westminster Bridge at the time of the attack.

Forough Salami, vice president of the Brittany regional council, was in London with two colleagues Anne Gallo and Mona Bras. She was with a delegation of 40 people from business and cultural circles invited to the Australian embassy.
“At the time of the attack, we weren’t nearby and we had difficulty having information, but we’ve just learned what hospital the three injured lycéens from Concarneau were being treated. The rest of the class was held on a boat with psychological councillors before being taken back to their youth hostel,” she told the local newspaper.

Police press conference


Four people have died, police confirm, at least 20 injured


Picture of suspected attacker

A police officer is addressing us now. (By us, I mean the journalists and other people working in the Commons being held in Westminster Hall.) He says there has been a significant incident, and outside the building, New Palace Yard, is a crime scene. We are also witnesses, he says. So we will be held here for about 60 to 90 minutes.
After about an hour and a quarter they will take details from people. After that we will be allowed to leave, he says.
A second official is speaking now. He says they will prioritise anyone who needs medical help. Then they will pass around details allowing us to upload pictures and video of the incident. That will save them having to seize phones, he says.
Finally, they will “triage” witnesses, he says. He says this will require patience.
People in other buildings are going through the same process.
He asks anyone with medical needs to make themselves available.
In about half an hour they will pass round information about how to submit evidence, he says.

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