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Jan 13, 2017

The Guardian | Business | Business Live - January 13, 2017: Chinese Exports Slump as Fears Grow of a Trade War with the U.S.
Angela Monaghan
In the last five years, the numbers of people that are self-employed has risen by 14%, the number of agency workers is up by about 30%, and the number of businesses registered in the UK is up by 40%.
There has been also been the expansion of zero hours contracts and the “gig economy”. Among people in work, the proportion that are full-time employees (ie not self-employed, not part-time, not in a temporary job) remains well below pre-recession levels.

Of course, some people may prefer flexible work structures or seek to reinvent their career through self-employment. But, given that on average these less secure forms of work are also less well-paid, the expansion of contingent work probably also reflects the erosion of secure and well-paid jobs from technological gains and greater emphasis on cost control.

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