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Jan 27, 2017

The End of The Structural Reform | Bloomberg View - January 27, 2017
Bloomberg View
‘Reform’ Isn’t the Answer to Everything
Don’t look to the ghost of Reagan to solve today’s economic problems — structural reforms are less popular, and less likely to be effective, than ever before. Satyajit Das says the most important thing now is for policymakers to shore up weak demand.

Blame Monopolies for Shortchanging U.S. Workers
And why is demand so weak in the first place? Labor’s share of GDP is falling, and globalization and cheap capital don't seem to be the chief culprits. Noah Smith thinks he’s found the reason why.
Slow Down, Mr. President! 
Donald Trump is moving so fast, not even his own party can keep up. Margaret Carlson makes sense of his frenzied first days in office, and sees no reason to expect a more leisurely week two.
A Recipe for Retro Housing Policy
U.S. policy-makers have been skeptical about encouraging homeownership ever since the financial crisis, but that looks likely to change in the coming years. Conor Sen explains why the Trump administration and opposition Democrats appear ready to reverse that trend (albeit for very different reasons).
Books Stubbornly Refused to Be Disrupted. It Worked.
New sales figures vindicate the stubbornness of the publishing world in the face of the e-book revolution. Leonid Bershidsky sees a lesson for others in a rapidly changing media industry.
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