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Jan 29, 2017

Notification to Our Readers | Fom the Desk of Fernando Guzmán Cavero - January 29, 201.

Dear Readers::

Since tomorrow, and almost the whole week, our finanncial information news, will not be on line in our average hourly time-posting of news. This happens, due to the fact that we have to stop,for  once and hopefully forever, with the implicit consent agreement of fake regulators in Perú with  the firms, that they have to supervise in accordance with the Law
 Consequently some days we might not be with you, we will do our best to stay at least with the summary fo what we considered the most relevant news of the day, but we cannot give our word in this respect.

Finaly, please visit a new created blog in Spanish with the name of  FRAUDES DE BANCOS and with  address:

We apologize for any inconveniece this issue could have touched your expectations.

Fenando Guzmán Cavero