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Jan 19, 2017

FTC Consumer Updates - January 19, 2016: Ad Hype: True or False?

Ad hype: True or false?

by Carol Kando-Pineda
When it comes to advertising hype, we’ve heard it all. Some can be very appealing: “Shrink two sizes without dieting!” Who wouldn’t love to lose weight or shape up with no effort? Well, the problem is, that’s not how it works. Take a pass on any product that offers weight loss or fitness results without any effort. Remember, no garment, gizmo, or cream is going to make you fit and toned.

With some ads you might be able to spot the truth stretching a mile away. But more often than not, misleading ads can sound pretty plausible. Want to learn how to sort out the facts from a fib? Check out our new video, Ad hype: True or false?