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Jan 25, 2017

Bloomberg View | Share the View - January 25, 2017: Trumo Starts Making China Great Again
Bloomberg View
A Gift for China in Trump’s First Week

The new U.S. president delighted protectionists on the left and right by withdrawing from the Trans-Pacific Partnership this week, but the real winner, in both economic and geopolitical terms, is China. Michael Schuman explains why the demise of the 12-nation trade pact is a boon to the Middle Kingdom. (Meanwhile, with the TPP now DOA, the Bloomberg View editorial board urges the Trump administration to start working on a bilateral deal with Japan.)

Even Three Scorching Years Don’t Make a Trend
Last year was the hottest ever — just like 2015, and 2014 before that. Does that mean 2017 is doomed to be an inferno? Not necessarily. Faye Flam says broken records mean less to climatologists than you might think (though more than climate-change deniers want to believe).

‘American Carnage’ Is Real
Violent crime may still be near 30-year lows in the U.S., but Justin Fox says Trump was telling the truth that Americans are dying at horrifying rates — and data on suicides and overdoses back him up.

How to Burst Your Own Political Bubble
If you want to expand your ideological horizons, reading articles from other perspectives isn’t enough. Instead, Tyler Cowen suggests, try writing one.

Market Liquidity Is Great ... Until It Isn’t
Being able to readily buy or sell assets is crucial, but trouble lurks when it becomes too easy. Noah Smith explains why encouraging liquidity in good times can backfire.

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