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Jan 20, 2017

Bloomberg View - January 20, 2016: The Executive's Guide to Play thr President
Bloomberg View
Savvy CEOs Are Learning to Manage Trump

The 45th president thinks he’s in charge when executives kiss his ring. Actually, it’s the other way around. In his first column for Bloomberg View, Joe Nocera explains how companies are already exploiting Donald Trump’s naiveté and ego.

What It Means to Deny a President’s Legitimacy
Strong rhetoric has a place in politics, but sometimes it communicates more — or less — than the speaker intends. That’s the case with “Not my president,” Ramesh Ponnuru argues: Americans who say it don’t really mean it, and what’s more, don’t even realize it.
In Nuclear Poker, Don't Bet on Donald
Trump has spent a lifetime bluffing — about his wealth, his power, his policies and more — and so far, he’s gotten away with it. But James McManus warns that the strategy that served him well as a celebrity will backfire if he tries it with North Korea.
Government Will Survive. Just Look at Rick Perry.
The former Texas governor once called for an end to the Energy Department. Now, he may wind up leading it. What radical transformations are in store if Perry takes charge? Fewer than you’d think, says Noah Feldman, who sees in him a surprising poster child for bureaucratic inertia.
The Media’s New Mission
Donald Trump’s election represented a failure for journalism, but reporters don’t need to repeat the mistakes of 2016. Moving forward, Pankaj Mishra says, judge the press by how well it serves history’s losers, as well as its winners.
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