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From The Desk Of Fernando Guzmán Cavero Notification - October 3, 2016

Dear Friends I thought  that by today, I would have finished with the problems I've been confronting. But unfortunately, someone has opened a Brand Account, that I recognize that it corresponds to a business, but this was never opened by myself, only an imbecil would do so. As I had the experience, some years ago, when Google offered to open a business account, and I proceeded  to do so, according with Google's Instructions, and a few days later, the account corresponding to my blog was suspended for two to three weeks, because I couldn't have two identities according to the agreement I accepted on Google's opinion.  I  wrote to Google almost every day, explaining them it was all an unfortunately confusion and that I needed  my blog back, which finally  they did it, but it took me time to prove that what i was saying was true. Consequently, and as I do not get clear this and other Security Issues my  financial daily news this week will be on stand by. Please Stay Tun