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FT | The Week Ahead: BoJ Meets, Pope Hosts Leaaders - September 18, 2016

The Guardian | World Middle East | Syria: Australian Warplanes Took Part in Airstrikes that Killed Syrian Troops   Julian Borger   Australia has said its warplanes took part in US-led airstrikes in eastern Syria that mistakenly killed Syrian army troops in an incident threatening to wreck an already tenuous ceasefire before it is a week old.

FT | New York Minute: Brexit is Baxit - September 18, 2016

The Guardian | World | Australia | Australian Politics: Down on Data: Facts are nt The Onlu Truth in Life, by Greg Jerico - September 18, 2016 Greg Jericho   I f there was a high point in the reputation and significance of fact checkers, wonks and poll crunchers it came during the 2012 US presidential campaign. It was the election where former president Bill Clinton held court at the 2012 Democratic National Convention in Miami for just under an hour.