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From The Desk of Fernando Guzmán Cavero on September 26, 2016

  Dear Friends My sincere apologies for not having fulfilled with my compromise of delivering twice a day a summary of Selected Financial News, in today's morning news. The problem I encountered was a massive interruption of Internet by my Supplier. It has been an unpredictable problem I had to face and, with the only alternative that I was left with, was to wait until the problem be fixed. "As my word was compromised with my audience,and is the most valuable asset I have, is the reason of the present."  Is in this regard, that I have taken the decision to be out of the news, this week or until these problems are definitely fixed Sincerely   Fernando Guzmàn Cavero

From The Desk of Fernando Guzmán Cavero: Schedule Of This Week's News - September 25, 2016

Dear Friends Due to changes and other important issues we have to take care of, this week, our "Selected Financial Daily News" will be limited to two deliveries , one in the morning and the other at time or after the U.S. Stock Market closes. Please Stay Tuned Fernando Guzmán Cavero

The Guardian | World | Middle East | Israel: Donald Trump Links Mexico Border Wall Plan to "Israel's Successful" Separation Barrier - September 26, 2016 (03:14 BST)   Ben Jacobs   Donald Trump attempted to draw parallels between Israel’s separation barrier and his much-touted border wall pledge on Sunday after both presidential nominees met the Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu.

RT Max Keiser Report: Earthquakes & Economy (E971)

Gerald Celente | Trends in The News "Proof: US Media HATES Peace , Loves War (9/21/16) : Originally Published on September 22, 2016

WSJ | Major Indexes Closing on September 23, 2016

The Wall Street Journal Major Indexes Closing Major Indexes 5:46 p.m. EDT 09/23/16

Wall Street Closing Report on September 23, 2016   Fred Imbert   U.S. stocks closed lower on Friday, with energy falling more than 1 percent, as oil prices fell sharply while investors digested key manufacturing data, following two strong sessions.

Morning News on September 23, 2016: The Guardian Media Briefing | MarketWatch Asian Markets at Closing Report | U.S. Stock Market Future Indications

FGC Announcement-September 22, 2016.

Dear Friends  Tomorrow September 23, 2016, we are going to be working on some technical issues, therefore our usual publishing time will be updated this coming Saturday or Sunday Afternoon. We apologize for the inconvenience this might have caused you. Please Stay tuned Fernando Guzmán Cavero

Russia Targets China For Gold Sales as VTB, Sberbank Expand: Bloomberg Markets on September 22, 2016

Bloomberg Yuliya Fedorinova Russia’s gold sales in China are set to expand as VTB Capital boosts sales and Sberbank PJSC prepares to enter the market, chasing demand in the world’s biggest consumer of bullion. Start your day with what’s moving markets.

WSJ | Major Indexes Closing on September 22, 2016

Major Indexes 5:46 p.m. EDT 09/22/16

FTC Charges Fake Prize Scheme Operators With Fraud: FTC Press Release - September 22, 2016

The Federal Trade Commission has charged the operators of a fake prize scheme with mailing phony prize notifications that tricked people into thinking they had won $1 million or more if they paid a $25 fee to collect the prize. Those who paid received nothing.

Wall Street Closing Report on September 22, 2016: Stocks Rise as Street Cheers Fed; Nasdaq Post 2nd Straight Record Close. Fred Imbert U.S. stocks closed higher on Thursday, with the Nasdaq having another record-setting session, as investors digested several economic data releases while processing the Federal Reserve's latest monetary policy decision.

European Markets at Close Report: Europe Stocks Close Sharply Higher After Fed; Miners Gain; Markets Rallies   Holly Ellyatt, Matt Clinch, Katy Barnato European stocks leaped to close higher on Thursday as global investors reacted to the U.S. Federal Reserve 's decision to hold interest rates steady and oil prices gained. FTSE FTSE 6919.60 84.83 1.24% 538575713 DAX DAX 10674.24 237.75 2.28% 72898136 CAC CAC 4515.95

Today's Selected Political News: NYT | At shareblue, Activatin Hillary Clinton's Outrage Machine | NYT - September 22, 2016 Jason Horowitz There, surrounded by start-up tech companies, “Star Wars” posters and flat-screen televisions fixed on cable news, Peter Daou sat with his team at a long wooden table last week, pushing the buttons that activate Mrs. Clinton’s outrage machine. Mr. Daou’s operation, called Shareblue , had published the article on Mr. Trump’s comment on its website and created the accompanying hashtag.

Five Things You Need To Know To Start Your Day - September 22,2016

Ed Balls on Jeremy Corbyn, Owen Smith and The Future of The Labor - BBC NewsNight - September 22, 2016

State of Emergency Declared in Charlotte | FT

U.S. Stock Market Future Indications - September 22, 2016: U.S. Stocks Set to Rise for a Third Straight Day as Fed seen Cheering Traders Victor Reklaitis   U.S. stock futures inched higher early Thursday, putting markets on track to build on the prior day’s gains, which came after the Federal Reserve’s latest update on monetary policy.

Asian Markets Closing Report: Asian Stocks March Hgher After Fed Decision - September 22, 2016   Ese Erheriene    Asian stocks gained Thursday, buoyed by the U.S. Federal Reserve’s decision not to raise interest rates, and by rising commodity prices.

Obama Lectures on Syria, a Crisis He Exacerbated: Bloomberg View - September 22, 2016 Obama Lectures on Syria, a Crisis He Exacerbated Eli Lake When future historians debate why the U.S. did so little to stop the tragedy in Syria, they should dig up the speech President Barack Obama just gave at a U.N. summit on refugees.

BBC's Scottish Six, Fake Sheik, Channel 4 Paralympics: The Guardian - September 22, 2016. MediaGuardian’s top stories

Small Firms' Confidence Sinks to Lowest Level For 4 Years over Brexit Vote | The Guardian - September 21, 2016 Phillip Inman   Confidence among small businesses plummeted after Britain’s vote to exit the European Union to its lowest level for four years following concerns that the economy would slip into recession.

WSJ | Major Indexes Closing on September 21, 2016

The Wall Street Journal Major Indexes Closing Major Indexes 5:45 p.m. EDT 09/21/16

Wall Street Closing Report on September 21, 2016: Stocks Rally After Fed Keeps rates Unchanged; Nasdaq Posts Record Closing High Fred Imbert U.S. stocks closed sharply higher on Wednesday after the Federal Reserve kept interest rates unchanged but hinted at the possibility of one rate hike later this year.

FOMC Decided To Mantain The target Range For The Federal Funds Rate at 1/4 to 1/2 - September 21, 2016

  Release Date: September 21, 2016 

Allo's Tryout: 5 Days With Google's Annoying Office Intern | Technology - September 21, 2016   Brian X. Chen To understand how Allo works, it’s easiest to think of the app’s A.I. assistant as an office intern who is lurking in the background, eager to chime in. The assistant analyzes messages you have typed or dictated and, when appropriate, springs into action with automatically generated phrases you can choose to reply with or suggestions for Google searches that may help accomplish tasks.

Am I a Socialist? You Asked Google - Here's The Answer by Zoe Williams - The Guardian | Opinion | Politics Auto Complete Questions   Zoe Williams T his question has gained extra piquancy this week, with two investigations – one, Dispatches , undercover and rather underhand – into Momentum , the grassroots organisation that sprang up in support of Jeremy Corbyn . The question put, insistently, is: are Corbyn’s supporters real socialists or hard-left entryists? If we accept that some of them are real socialists, are they having their arms twisted by Trotskyists?

An Interesting Article of the Weakened of the U.S. Dollar Vs The Yen by Mark DeCumbre, Hiryni Kachi with the collaboration of Barbara Kollmeyer - September 21, 2016   Mark DeCambre, Hiroyuki Kachi The dollar on Wednesday weakened against the yen in gyrating swings following the Bank of Japan’s decision to focus on maintaining yields for 10-year Japanese government bonds at zero in its latest attempt to combat stubbornly low inflation.

Bank of Japan Raises Target Despite Limited Progess - September 21, 2016 Jonathan Soble   TOKYO — Despite sagging public confidence in its ability to energize Japan’s economy, the country’s central bank on Wednesday raised its target for consumer prices and said it would continue to pump money into the economy until it succeeded.

U.S. Stock Market Future Indications: U.S. stock Futures Climb on Fed Day; BOJ's Stimulus Shift Rallies Banks - September 21, 2016   Barbara Kollmeyer Wall Street stocks were poised for opening gains Wednesday, keying off rises in global equities after the Bank of Japan overhauled its monetary policy framework, and with a Federal Reserve interest rate decision ahead.

Asian Markets Closing Report on September 21, 2016: Nikkei Leads Asia Higher on Relief of Bank of Japan Held Firm on Interest Rates   Ese Erheriene Japan’s Nikkei Stock Average jumped Wednesday after the Bank of Japan kept a key rate unchanged and announced it would introduce a 10-year interest-rate target.

BBC Tendering, Sunday Sport, Ofcom's Sky Ruling - September 21, 2016: The Guardian | UK | Media | Media Briefing MediaGuardian’s top stories BBC puts Songs of Praise and Holby City to tender to independent producers Sexually explicit Sunday Sport ads banned despite ‘censorship’ claim UK advertising watchdog admits it was wrong to ban Greenpeace fracking advert Sky breached rules designed to make switching providers easy, says Ofcom Megyn Kelly to produce TV comedy about reporters on the campaign trail The big story Holby City is in the first tranche of shows being put out to tender by the BBC under new compete and compare rules. Photograph: BBC And so it begins. The first shows to be tendered out by the BBC to independent producers have been revealed , and the era of 100% competition to make (most) BBC programming kicks off. First up for grabs to indie producers will be Songs of Praise, Question of Sport, Horizon and Holby City. The BBC says the choice of shows was down to their commissioning cy

China's Tiangong-1 Space Station "Out of Control" and Will Crash to Earth - September 21, 2016 ( 03:03 BST): The Guardian | Science | Space   Bonnie Malkin   China’s first space station is expected to come crashing down to Earth next year, fuelling concerns that Chinese space authorities have lost control of the 8.5-tonne module.

Russian Planes Dropped Bombs That Destroyed UN Convoy, US Oficial Says - September 20, 2016 : The Guardian | World | Middle East Syria   Spencer Ackerman   US defence officials now believe that Russian planes dropped the bombs that destroyed a UN aid convoy that killed at least 20 people, the Guardian has learned.

Australia Will Take Refugees From Costa Rica Camps, Turnbull Tell UN - September 20, 2016: The Guardian | World | Americas | Australian Immigration and Asylum   Ben Doherty Australia will take refugees from camps in Costa Rica as it offered more money for peace building and refugee assistance, but no additional resettlement places, at Barack Obama’s global migration summit in New York.

WSJ | Major Indexes Closing on September 20, 2016

The Wall Street Journal Major Indexes Closing Major Indexes 5:45 p.m. EDT 09/20/16

How to Protect your Organization from Directory Scams - September 20, 2016 by Aditi Jhaveri Consumer Education Specialist, FTC  If you work for a business or a non-profit, you probably get lots of messages and mail about directory listings and upcoming trade shows. Just make sure you weed out for scams as you sift through these items. Here’s why. Read more >

Wall Street Closing Report: Stocks End Higher as Fed,BoJ Decisions Loom; Health Care Leads. - September 20, 2016   Fred Imbert   U.S. stocks closed higher on Tuesday on the heels of disappointing housing data, while investors awaited the latest monetary policy decisions from the Federal Reserve and the Bank of Japan.

SEC Issues $4 Million Whistleblower Award - September 20, 2016

  The Securities and Exchange Commission today announced an award of more than $4 million to a whistleblower whose original information alerted the agency to a fraud.