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Sep 8, 2016

DealBook Top Story on September 8, 2016: Wells Fargo Fined For Years of Harm to Customers

Alert Mr President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski

The SBA and Indecopi is a must obligation to open a serious  investigations upon them, as well as, to the Banco Ripley in Peru , Interbank and other Banks that have been accused for Serious fraud, by common citizens

  I have never heard  a single"Voice From the Peruvian Regulators",  Unless the media   had  given , acute investigation reports, unmasking and revealing  the fraud, perpetrated by companies, against consumers, that our regulators, surpisingly never heard about it, even though, every other person knew about  the corrupted and insane practices followed by some companies in oligopoly markets; and when calling them (the Regulators to make a claim or find a logical answer for the negligence absence of  supervision; for what they are paid for and are obliged by law to work upon establishing fair market practices and stop abusive practices against consumers, and by no means to justify  them using all sorts of sophysisms in their one reasonig that could lead us to raise the question  whom are they working for?.

 Practices, banned in developed economies with decent  Institutions such as the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) among others, but not seen any abusive practce against consumers by  these lumpen top paid beaurocrats in Perù.

 These collar white delinquents must be placed in jail and return other people's money they pockected, harming low and middle low social Income families, through well thought schemes known in other latitutes but hiden by corrupt regulators that could have caused probably deaths among their target audience..

 All The Best

Fernando Guzmán Cavero

  The New York Times
Michael Corkery
Credit cards issued secretly without a customer’s consent. Bank employees creating fake email accounts to sign up customers for online banking services. Customers accumulating late fees on accounts they never even knew they had.

CMI | Metals Spot Prices Closing on September 8, 2016

Spot Prices as of traditional New York closing times

Thursday, September 08, 2016


Wall Street Closing Report, by CNBC on September 8, 2016: Stocks Close Lower, Nasdaq Snaps 4-Day Win Streak as ECB Disapoints; Tech Lags
Fred Imbert
U.S. stocks closed lower Thursday, despite a surge in oil prices, as investors digested the European Central Bank's latest monetary policy decision and remarks made by its president, Mario Draghi.

NYT | First Draft - September 8, 2016 - Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump Flex Debate Muscles in TV Forum, by Patrick Healy

Thursday, September 8, 2016

The New York Times

The New York Times
Matt Lauer interviewed Hillary Clinton in New York on Wednesday during the first part of an hourlong debate on national security.
Matt Lauer interviewed Hillary Clinton in New York on Wednesday during the first part of an hourlong debate on national security. Doug Mills/The New York Times
Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump Flex Debate Muscles in TV Forum

European Markets Closing Report, by CNBC on September 9, 2016:: Europe Close Lower as Draghi Disapoints

European stocks closed lower on Thursday after the European Central Bank (ECB) kept interest rates on hold and did not extend its asset purchase program.

U.S. Stock Market Future Indications, by MarketWatch on September 8, 2016: U.S. Stock Futures Tread Water Ahead of ECB Meeting, Jobless Claims Data

U.S. stock futures notched minor gains ahead of the market open, as investors looked ahead to the European Central Bank policy decision and to fresh U.S. labor market data for cues.

DealBook | Today's News - September 8, 2016: The Tech Reformation, Low Caliber Credit, China’s Debt Burden

The New York Times

By Amie Tsang

Thursday, September 8, 2016

The cloud is looming and the technology industry is scrambling for cover.

Asian Markets Closing Report, by MarketWatch on September 8, 2016: Nintendo is a Winner on Mixed Day for Other Asian Markets
Ese Erheriene 
Shares in Japan’s Nintendo Co. rallied on Thursday following its announcement of a new mobile game featuring the iconic Mario character, though broader stocks performance across Asia was mixed.

Bloomberg View | Share The View - September 8, 2016: Behavioral Economics and Apple's Earbud Folly

Share the View
You'll Miss What You Don't Use on the New iPhone
Remember the New Coke debacle? There's a lesson in it for Apple, which revealed Wednesday that its next-generation iPhone would come without a headphone jack. (Music lovers can plunk down $159 for Apple-branded wireless headphones.) Megan McArdle says the move, which has already alienated some fans, illustrates the importance of "option value" in economics.
In Global Banking, Apps and Security Don't Mix

The Guardian | UK | Media | Media Briefing - September 8, 2016: Ant and Dec, Julian Assange and James May
That Ant and Dec are set to sign a £30m three-year deal locking them in to ITV is no huge surprise. The pair are incredibly important to the channel, fronting many of its biggest shows. And, as one source told the Guardian, when you are expecting at some point to sell up in a deal valued in the region of £10bn, a few million here or there to secure on of your biggest assets is no big deal.
However, it does highlight the inflation in pay for the biggest names. It’s clear for instance that the mind-boggling sums Amazon reportedly paid for the Grand Tour was as much about hosts Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond as it was the tech company’s desire for a show about cars.
Which brings us back to that trio’s former home – the BBC. The beeb’s protestations about being forced to reveal star pay haven’t exactly been viewed sympathetically by the public. Yet its complaints are rooted in the reality of having less money to secure ever more expensive talent. When £30m is the going rate for the best presenters, having to reveal every big paycheck is a headache the corporation understandably wants to avoid.

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MediaGuardian’s top stories

Julian Assange is awaiting results of his latest appeal against an arrest warrant
Julian Assange is awaiting results of his latest appeal against an arrest warrant Photograph: Dominic Lipinski/PA
Liberty Media agrees $8bn deal to buy Formula One
BBC receives complaints over Parkinson’s depiction
Maldives newspaper raided after corruption claims against president
BBC1’s Panorama to get first female editor in 20 years
Julian Assange awaits latest ruling in appeal against arrest warrant
James May puts the brakes on with second series of The Reassembler

Best of the rest

Sarah Lancashire has said she is keen to return for a third series of Happy Valley
Sarah Lancashire has said she is keen to return for a third series of Happy Valley Photograph: Ben Blackall/BBC/Red Productions/Ben Blackall
Vice Media boss Shane Smith has let the Wall Street Journal take a fascinating tour of his $28m-home in Santa Monica
Happy Valley star Sarah Lancashire has said she is keen to return for a third instalment of the series, reports the Mirror
Activision Blizzard has appointed a former Fox Sports EVP to head up its eSports division, says Variety

And finally...

What does a day getting all your news from Facebook’s trending topics algorithm get you? Pokemon Go, celebrity weight loss, and stories about the iPhone – but not a lot of news, it turns out.

FT | Comment - September 7, 2016: Martin Wolf on Globalization

The Guardian | UK | Military:- September 8, 2016: UK to Send More Troops to South Sudan
Ewen MacAskill
The UK is to expand its contribution to the United Nations peacekeeping force in South Sudan, raising the planned total from 300 to 400.

The Guardian | World | South China Sea - September 8, 2016 (03:22 BST): Beijing Warns U.S. To Stay Out of Soth China Sea Dispute
Martin Farrer
China has sent a coded warning to the United States to stay out of the South China Sea dispute after Beijing was again accused of building permanent structures on islands in the area.