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Aug 29, 2016

FT | Weird World of Japan Equities | Short View - August 29, 2016

RT Max Keiser Report: Lesser Evil Voting (E959) - Originally Published on August 27, 2016

Gerald Celente - Trends in The News: TITN -WSJ Agrees With Celente: It's Central Bankers) Madness! (8/22/16 - Originally Published on August 26, 2016

The Guardian | World | Syria - August 29, 2016: UN Pays Tens of Millions to Assad Regime Under Syria Aid Program, by Nick Hopkins
Nick Hopkins
The UN has awarded contracts worth tens of millions of dollars to people closely associated with the Syrian president, Bashar al-Assad, as part of an aid programme that critics fear is increasingly at the whim of the government in Damascus, a Guardian investigation has found.

GATA | THE GATA DISPATCH on August 29, 2016. Hugo Salinas Price: The Night That Is Upon Us and The Dawn of a New Era

Submitted by cpowell on August 29, 2016 August 29, 2016

In an address to the Association of Mining Engineers meeting last week in Durango, Mexico, Hugo Salinas Price, president of the Mexican Civic Association for Silver, reflected on the possibility of the return of a gold standard as the mechanism of liberation of the world from U.S. dollar imperialism. Salinas Price's address is titled "The Night That Is upon Us and the Dawn of a New Era" and it's posted at the association's Internet site here:

CHRIS POWELL, Secretary/Treasurer
Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee Inc.

WSJ | Forex Closing on August 29, 2016

The Wall Street Journal

Forex Closing

WSJ | Major Indexes Closing on August 29, 2016

The Wall Street Journal

Major Indexes Closing
Major Indexes 5:34 p.m. EDT 08/29/16

WSJ | Most Actives Closing on August 29, 2016

The Wall Street Journal

Most Actives Closing
Most Active Stocks by Volume
4:31 pm ET 08/29/2016

WSJ | Biggest Decliners Closing on August 29, 2016

The Wall Street Journal

Biggest Decliners Closing
Biggest Decliners
4:31 pm ET 08/29/2016

WSJ | Biggest Gainers Closing on August 29, 2016

The Wall Street Journal

Biggest Gainers Closing
Biggest Gainers
4:31 pm ET 08/29/2016

Wall Street Closing Report, by CNBC on August 29, 2016: Dow Closes Up Triple Digits as Financials Rise 1%

Fred Imbert
Stocks closed higher on Monday, with financials and materials leading, as investors digested economic data while looking for clues about the Federal Reserve's next move.

The Guardian | Opinion | EU Referendum and Brexit - August 29, 2016: Europe is Out to Shaft Brexit Britain. Here's How Theresa May can Prevent It, by Paul Mason
Paul Mason
When Theresa May calls the cabinet to order on Wednesday morning, amid the chintz of Chequers, the roses will be past their best and the lawn covered with dew. After Britain’s mad summer, the May administration will convene in Buckinghamshire finally to face the chill autumn reality: Britain voted for Brexit without a plan and the Europeans intend to shaft us.

CMI | Metals Spot Prices Closing on August 29, 2013

Spot Prices as of traditional New York closing times

Monday, August 29, 2016


The Washington Post | Wonkblog - August 29, 2016: Mylan to Introduce a Half-Generic Version of EpiPen
By Carolyn Y. Johnson
The drug maker's generic EpiPin will sell for $300, half the cost of its branded product. The move comes amid criticism from the public and lawmakers over big price hikes. (Reuters)

FRB Press Release - August 29, 2016: Federal Reserve Board Announces It Will Seek $1.2 Million Fine and Permanent Ban on Employment in The Banking Industry Against Foreign Exchange (FX) Trader

Press Release

Release Date: August 29, 2016 

The Federal Reserve Board on Monday announced that it will seek a $1.2 million fine and a permanent ban on employment in the banking industry in an enforcement action against a foreign exchange (FX) trader who is alleged to have manipulated FX pricing benchmarks.

FDIC Weekly National Rates and Rate Caps Update on August 26, 2016


Rates updated August 29, 2016

European Markets at Close Report by CNBC on August 29, 2016: European Stocls Close Lower After Fed Comments; Oil Slides
Arjun Kharpal
European stocks closed lower on Monday as crude oil futures fell and the U.S. dollar strengthened after hawkish comments from U.S. Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen on Friday.

BEA Press Release - August 29, 2016: Personal Income Increased in July According to Estimates Released Today.

 The U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) has issued the following news release today:

Personal income increased $71.6 billion (0.4 percent) in July according to estimates released today by the Bureau of Economic Analysis. Disposable personal income (DPI) increased $60.1 billion (0.4 percent) and personal consumption expenditures (PCE) increased $42.0 billion (0.3 percent).

The full text of the release on BEA's Web site can be found at

DealBook Morning News on August 29, 2016: Silicon Valley Heeds Warnings of Apocalypse

The New York Times 
 By Amie Tsang

“Here we sit, a year after we were supposed to die,” — Chris O’Neill, chief executive of Evernote.
This was supposed to be the year of the great reckoning for Silicon Valley start-ups, but some are still waiting for the crash.

U.S.Stock Market Future Indications, by MarketWatch - August 29, 2016: U.S. Stocks Face Uncertain Day as Investors Adjust to Possibility of Fed Hikes
Barbara Kollmeyer
Stock futures struggled for traction on Monday after last week’s speech by Federal Reserve Chairwoman Janet Yellen revived expectations that the central bank could raise interest rates by the end of this year.

Asian Markets Closing Report, by MarketWatch on August 29, 2016: Japan Stocks as Yen Weakens, While Other Markets Retreat
Kenan Machado 
A rally in the U.S. dollar weakened the Japanese yen, sending the Nikkei sharply higher Monday morning amidst broader equities weakness elsewhere in Asia.