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Jun 26, 2016

The Guardian | World | Australia | Australian Elections - June 27, 2016 8 (01:22 BST): Coalition Pulls Ahead in Poll - Plitics Live

Helen Davidson

Malcolm Turnbull is visiting the electorates of Adelaide and Hindmarsh today. Both major parties are concerned about the strength of the NXT vote.

The Guardian | Business | Banking | Markets Markets Turmoil. Market Turmoil Fears Likely to Force Mark Carney to Abandon ECB Meeting

Phillip Inman
Bank of England governor Mark Carney is expected to abandon plans to fly to Portugal for a summit of central bankers, amid fears of further turmoil when markets open on Monday.

The Guardian | Jeremy Corbym - The Observer - June 26, 2016: Labor in Crisis: Shadow Ministers Resign in Protests Against Corbyn by Amushka Asthana

Anushka Asthana
More than half of the Labour shadow cabinet is expected to stand down on Sunday in a major coup against Jeremy Corbyn, triggered by the result of the EU referendum and the leader’s decision to sack Hilary Benn.

Anonymous - Message to the Citizens of America - Originally Published on June 25, 2016