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The Guardian | Opinion | EU Referendum - May 30th, 2016: This EU Referendum Debate is Farcical. No Wonder I'am Still Undecided, by Suzanne Moore   Suzanne Moore   T his EU referendum is a serious business, one of the most serious decisions that we will be asked to make in our lifetimes, but there is something profoundly unserious and unreal about what is going on. Sometimes the debate is simply grim, sometimes it’s farcical. Quite honestly I have seen rap battles that involve less daft posturing.

GATA | THE GATA DISPATCH on May 30th, 2016: Ronan Manly: London Precious Metals Clearing's Objective is Ignorance.

Submitted by cpowell on May 30, 2016 .  Monday, May 30, 2016 Gold researcher Ronan Manly today examines London Precious Metals Clearing Ltd., a conglomerate of the major gold-trading institutions in London, and concludes that its objective is to keep the world ignorant of the manipulation of the price of the monetary metal.

Bloomberg View - May 30, 2016: European Money Doesn't Like Greece.   Mark Whitehouse   Greece and its creditors may have averted a crisis by agreeing on the release of another dose of bailout money, but the deal does little to address a deeper problem: Europeans still don't want to put their money there.