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Dec 21, 2016

Bloomberg View | Share The View: The Year's Best Economics Writing

Bloomberg View

The Writing That Shaped Economic Thought in 2016
Whether it was the free-trade consensus, rational-choice theory or the value of modeling, 2016 was a year when dominant economic ideas started fraying. Noah Smith selects 10 of the most critical readings to emerge from a topsy-turvy year.

Markets Are Going to Roil Next Year 
Financial uncertainty was close to zero this year, according to the European Central Bank, but don’t expect that to last long. Mark Gilbert says Trump, China and political populism are set to take markets on a wild ride.

As the Fed Raises Rates, China Faces a Paradox
China’s monetary goals are in conflict, and rising U.S. rates may bring matters to a head. Christopher Balding spells out the challenges facing a country caught in an “impossible trinity.”

How China Beats the U.S. at Clean-Air Progress
Americans were pretty rich before they tackled pollution. Poorer Chinese are already doing it. As Tyler Cowen sees it, China’s government is already well ahead of the environmental curve.

Manufacturing Matters, Even If It Doesn’t Boost Employment
So what if the U.S. never regains all the factory jobs it lost since the 1970s? Justin Fox knows a better reason to support domestic manufacturing: making things goes hand in hand with innovation.
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