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Dec 20, 2016

Bloomberg View | Share The View - The Economic Adviser Who's Not an Economist - December 20, 2016

Bloomberg View

Kudlow Would Be a Troubling Adviser for Trump
Larry Kudlow doesn’t hold a bachelor’s degree in economics, let alone a Ph.D., but the former CNBC host still looks likely to be the next chief economist at the White House. Noah Smith warns that Kudlow’s lack of credentials aren’t the most worrisome thing about him.

Sinking Test Scores Reveal a Threat to China
Seven years ago, Chinese students bested the world in math, science and reading; today, they’ve fallen to the middle of the pack. What gives? Adam Minter says international tests are finally measuring inequality within China — and there’s quite a lot.

Why Wyoming Is in Economic Trouble
The Cowboy State has the worst-performing economy in the nation, according to a recent Bloomberg analysis, and energy-industry volatility is part of the problem. But Justin Fox suspects some fault lies with those famous wide-open spaces.

The Myths and Realities of Voter Fraud
As states around the country prepare to tighten their voting laws in response to a (largely fictional) fraud epidemic, Francis Wilkinson speaks with election-law expert Rick Hasen about electoral shenanigans and the future of voting rights.
Insider Gift Tips for Your Favorite Trader
A 200-CD Mozart box set. Bourbon barrel-aged wine. “Life-changing” boxers. If you’re out of gift ideas for the holidays, Barry Ritholtz is here to help.
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Bloomberg Gadfly 
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  • Facebook wins the imitation game with its copycat strategy
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