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Dec 16, 2016

Bloomberg View | Share The View - December 16, 2016: Market Indicators to Watch in a Post-Trump World

Bloomberg View

Three Market Indicators to Measure Donald Trump’s Impact
Too cozy with Russia? They'll balk in the Baltics. Tensions with China? Look to Taiwan. Tyler Cowen points to three indexes that will rise and fall along with (or inverse to) next administration’s fortunes.

Fed Day Commentary Seen From a Distance
Television networks missed some of the nuances of Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen’s message, but markets certainly didn’t. Reporting some 7,000 miles from Washington, Mohamed A. El-Erian offers a few above-the-fray thoughts on the challenges facing financial media.

Russia Wins in a Retreat on Climate Change
More land for farming, new shipping routes — what’s not for Russia to like about global warming? Noah Smith says the petrostate prospers when fossil-fuel use rises, while higher temperatures will help it in other ways.

Diesel Scandal Hurt the Environment More than VW
The German automaker is emerging stronger from its emissions cheating scandal, but Leonid Bershidsky says regulators haven’t learned the right lessons from the debacle.

How Trump’s Conflicts of Interest Could Weaken Him
Even if you’re not worried Trump will use the presidency to enrich himself (and maybe you should be), Jonathan Bernstein warns that Congress and foreign nations might use his business entanglements as a weapon against him.

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